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10 Steps to A Successful Home Defense Scenario

Walk through your house thinking like a criminal.  I mean it!  If your family is going to survive a home invasion, this is one step in your home defense planning you can not afford to skip.  When you start to think how a criminal would think about your home, where the easiest point to break in would be, most likely where would the valuables be stored, and so forth, you take on a true home protector mentality.

10 Steps to A Successful Home Defense Scenario

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, being prepared is the best protection.  Using scenario training for home invasion is an excellent way to train your family for the “what ifs”.  When you are calm with your approach, rather than  becoming fearful, your family will feel empowered and prepared.  Using videos such as this one in scenario training will  equip everyone in the family. Explore different scenarios and different self defense methodology.
The main point of the video is:
  • Tell yourself before you go to sleep to wake up for breaking glass, thumping noises, etc.
  • Safety first! Gun accessible yet secure
  • Have a plan your family knows about
  • Know the difference between cover & concealment
  • Plan your choke points
  • Identify your target & beyond
  • Give clear commands
  • Check for multiple threats
  • When calling 911, give all important details
  • Comply with police when they arrive

Watch the video now.


ADDITIONAL NOTE:  A stairway is one of the most dangerous places to run into a criminal in your home.  Plan your defense strategy so that no innocent family member has to go downstairs to safety.

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