Defending the Right to Defend Yourself

With constant debates over gun control and emotional uprising over tragedies Moms and Guns thought it would be valuable to step back and look at the basis for defending our right to defend yourself.  One way to accomplish this objective evaluation of the right to defend yourself against home intruders is to review two scenarios:

  1. one a teenager trained with the mindset to defend and
  2. a pregnant woman just home from the hospital in a leg cast with multiple dogs barking outside relentlessly

Defending the Right to Defend Yourself

Staff Sargent Gregory Spiker of the U. S. Air Force states, “I am a firm believer in being able to arm yourself and to protect yourself and your property, and your family most importantly.  My best decision I ever made was to join the Air Force and our job is to ultimately support and defend the constitution and the rights that it states. That’s a very powerful thing. I’m proud that I do that now. “

Defending the Right to Defend Yourself

I put the phone down to shoot the intruder coming at me.

We are proud of you, Sargent Spiker, and all military men such as yourself: Men of integrity and principle; men who respect our country and constitution and defend it. The right to defend ourselves is a right that SSgt. Spiker takes very personally, because when he was sixteen, it saved his life.

 SSgnt. Spiker remembers the day that he had to defend himself and his home, and about a family who, in spite of every precaution became victim to bad people. The Spikers moved from the city to the rural area where they bought acreage so that they could escape the craziness of city life, and, they assumed, the higher crime activity.

They raised Greg to be both adventurous and responsible. Greg tells of how his dad taught him how to safely handle a gun from a very early age. One thing we as parents can learn is that we should teach our children both safety and proper handling of firearms. We should take the mystery out of a found gun, and allow our children to be comfortable with the presence in our homes.

When the time came, Greg knew where to find the gun, how to use it and how to make decisions. You may even want to share this video with your older children. We have provided some topics for discussion so that it can be used to teach your family some important points.

At Sixteen, Greg Exercised His Right to Defend Himself

Greg’s parents went out to eat with his visiting grandparents and Greg chose to stay home.  When he heard the intruders trying to enter his home he called 911, grabbed the family gun locked away in a closet and hid himself in their basement until one of the intruders proceeded down the stairs. The 911 operator told him to put the gun down and keep talking to her. She said the police were on their way.  But Greg told her if the intruder comes down the stairs and continues after a warning that he would shoot.  Greg put the phone down so he could handle the gun properly. He called out to the intruder to stop, stating clearly that he had a gun but the man continued down the stairs.  He shot off a round and both intruders ran.  The police arrived to secure the home and Greg called his parents and told them about the intrusion. At first, his parents thought he was joking because he was prone to staging jokes in a fun manner, but when the police officer got on the phone, they realized it was real and came home right away.

Family Discussions Prepare Kids To Defend Themselves

At what age did Gregory first become familiar with a gun?

What were some of the earliest principles he learned?

When he was faced with danger, what was the procedure he followed?

Examples of desired answer:

  1. he was sure that these were intruders and not neighbors,
  2. he retreated to a place of relative safety,
  3. he called 911,
  4. he found his weapon,
  5. he called out a warning,
  6. he waited until there was no doubt he was in danger to shoot

Greg knew where to find the firearms. He had to unlock the closet. Where was the key and how do you think the key was both convenient and safe for guests or children?

Why was the gun loaded already? Was having a loaded gun in this home unsafe or safe? Why or why not?

Defend Yourself Against Home Intruders

We know we are supposed to obey those in authority over us, but in this case, Greg had to make a decision NOT to do what the 911 dispatcher suggested. How and why did he make this decision?

What are some things you can do within your own home to make sure your family is safe and ready to defend yourself and home if necessary?

Here’s an update on Greg and how he’s doing in the military ranks of our Air Force.  CLICK HERE for more about SSgt Spiker.  Some would say training children young in safe gun handling prepares them for joining gangs and becoming criminals.  There are absolutely no facts to prove these arguments.  Quite the opposite, in fact, and Greg Spiker is just one such success story.

Woman With Same Rights Was Assaulted – What was Missing?

The following is an example of a woman, though she had the same rights as Gregory Spiker to defend herself, was defenseless against an intruder that took five police officers to subdue.  She was lucky in the fact she had early warning signs in place with her dogs barking to alert her to call  911 and was already on the phone when the intruder broke in and proceeded trying to sexually assault her.  She tells her story so you do not have to ever experience what she did that night.


If she’d had more in place besides her dogs such as reenforced door frames that couldn’t be kicked in and a weapon, she might have prevented and even detoured an attack.  Another thing to remember is that she had no idea why this was happening to her.  The NRA course entitled “Refuse To Be A Victim” teaches how to thwart attacks by the way you carry yourself and are constantly canvassing your surroundings letting others know you are on the alert.  Being on the alert signals a criminal that you are not an easy target.

Which would you rather your family members experience?  Being a ready Greg against intruders or defenseless?

Our rights to defend ourselves is a privilege to protect. No adult or child should live in fear of such defenselessness.  It’s time to prepare now!

Defending the Right To Defend Yourself

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