Curation Policy

Curation and Excerpting Policy

Below are Moms and Guns’ main curation and excerpting plan. Read carefully. If you have any questions do not hesitate to email us via the email address detailed at the end of this page. Thank you!

Curation Policy

We at Moms and Guns take curation seriously.
The net was constructed and founded on connecting, discussing, and recommending wonderful tales from other sources on the web.

Curation, to us, suggests locating interesting, well-written, and extremely suitable articles for our readers.

By picking a short article from your website, we are offering it our vote of authorization. This not just indicates that we passage your post, we additionally provide it our greatest recommendation, and we direct our readers … in every situation … to view your write-up on your web site.

Our curation is made to send our visitors to your site and your articles.

We curated and excerpted your short article because it was impressive somehow.

If, for any kind of reason, you desire us not to excerpt your tales, just email us, and request your story be taken down.

We will right away and without exemption comply with your takedown request, and put you on our listing of websites never to extract from.

99 % of emails we get about curation and excerpting are from authors and authors that are delighted to receive extra direct exposure and audience for their tales as a result of our curation.

Excerpting Policy

Most online publishers acknowledge the worth of having their tales and short articles

  • bid
  • discussed
  • disputed
  • talked about
  • associated with
  • brand-new viewers motivated to the short articles

Social sharing of on-line material only expands the reach, influence, and inevitably the efficiency and productivity of the original author’s site.

We are excerpting your material to notify our site visitors, and to direct them to the initial source of the extract.

To be frank … we desire our visitors to find and visit your material, and your site.

We Trust You Would Be Pleased We Excerpted A Short Article From You

Specification, methods, and lawful decisions about “Exhibition Usage” are still developing online. Our criteria are more than just lawful.

We hold ourselves to a lot greater standards than Fair Usage.
We want Happy Usage.

If you are not pleased to be excerpted and linked to by our site, merely allow us to understand. We will take action quickly.

We extract your tales the method we wish others will certainly curate our material.

Particularly, if you like a tale on our site, we are pleased and gratified.

Please feel free to extract it as amply as you desire. In return satisfy just give us clear credit history, links back to the article, and some encouragement for interested visitors to visit the original post.

Take as much of our material as you think will certainly educate and entertain your viewers. Simply web link, credit, and encourage the reader to check out the initial website.

That is just what we do.
That is just what constructed the web.
That is just what social sharing has to do with it.
Everybody perks when sharing is done professionally and in all honesty.

Below is just what we will never do.

We never take your whole article.
We never re-publish without comprehensive credit, links, and sending you readers.
We never republish an RSS feed verbatim.
We never passage without the intention of sending you more website traffic.
We will consistently transform the headline and include contextual significance and analysis of your articles.

Our basic standards for passages released on this site are

  • never more than about 30 – 40 % of any type of write-up
  • never greater than one write-up from any kind of website in any eventually
  • never ever greater than exactly what is had to communicate the essence of the article


Most Importantly …

Sharing and curation and excerpting standards are still evolving online. Our standards of delight may very well differ from yours.

If you want us to be even more generous with links and credit let us know.
If you feel your story has had too much excerpted, let us know.

We will fix it to your standards instantly.

Rebecca Alderman,

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