Concealed Carrie Bags for Women

Don’t miss out on  these 4 fabulous new Carrie Bags specially designed for women who carry a concealed firearm for self defense purposes. Click on the handbag picture you like best and it will take to the page where you can purchase your dream concealed carry bags for yourself or as a gift item.

The crossbody handbag is safer than most due to the difficulty a mugger will have getting it off your body. For added protection you can also wear a jacket over the handbag. Be sure to always practice drawing your unloaded gun from your handbag with all the outfits you choose to wear with the handbag so you are proficient.

Concealed Carrie Bags for Women

Concealed Carrie Bags for Women

Microfiber Black Crocodile Crossbody Compact

Microfiber Brown Crocodile Crossbody Compact

The only thing I would caution you on when drawing your firearm from a handbag in contrast to the video tutoring to the right is to not be so concerned about perfect formation of fully extending your arms toward the threat before shooting unless the threat is more than 10 yards away. Things happen very quickly and by the time you realize you need to draw the threat could be so close you will have to commence firing starting at his feet in an upward zipper fashion. This way the attacker has to dodge bullets and run the other way versus trying to overtake you and grab your handbag and firearm off your person.

Special Features

All Carrie bags come with removable and adjustable velcro holsters with the Concealed Carrie keychain and fashionable leather tassel.

How To Draw a Firearm From a Handbag Safely

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