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Welcome to our Missouri Conceal Carry Class for women who are considering applying for their Missouri Endorsement license.  This conceal carry class can also be for students applying for a non-resident Florida Concealed Carry license.  While our conceal carry classes are designed for women taught by a woman, they meet the Missouri Concealed Carry Requirements and are approved by the Sheriff to contain all the information you need to legally and confidently carry your self defense firearm outside your home and automobile.

Human Trafficking Donations

Moms and Guns has partnered with A21 Campaigns to save children from human trafficking.  How? 10% of all class tuition goes to the non-profit A21 organization to further their cause against human trafficking. Give a Double Gift of Safety for that special lady in your life and save a child from the horrors of trafficking.

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What is Different About our
Missouri Concealed Carry classes?

  • CCW classes are not all equal and do not all contain specific information needed by women. Rebecca is very much an everyday woman and understands fully about women and concealment issues.
  • Situational examples & discussions relate to the daily lives of civilian women.
  • Some defensive tactics coupled with interactive conversations around Missouri law for handgun permit holders are included to bring the big picture of ‘self defense’ into a clearer focus.
  • Women have specific body shapes and concealment needs not usually addressed in a co-ed classroom setting. We bring out the wardrobe and spur on the ideas.
  • Our curriculum is designed for diverse learning modes utilizing proven retention methods that engage our students from student handbook exercises, interactive discussions, videos, power point presentation and more.

Give a Double Gift of Safety To Your Special Lady

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You can always return to this page to read about the details of your conceal carry class.

You do not need to own a handgun
to take this class.

We provide guns & ammunition.


  • semi-automatic pistol
  • revolver
  • ammunition
  • eye and electrical ear protection
  • silhouette targets
  • student handbook
  • 6 hours classroom training
  • +1 hour air soft pistol training
  • +1 hour pistol range training
  • Firearms Safety Certificate

Tuition does not include a $20 indoor shooting range * fee for one hour of instruction and qualifying. You pay the shooting range directly for their fee.

If you have arthritis in your arms, hands, shoulder, etc., be sure to wear your brace for range time shooting exercises.


Classroom Date(s): 30 minutes for Bag Lunch inside Classroom.

  • January 16  SATURDAY WOMEN Only “Wonderful Class”
  • February 13 SATURDAY Private Class – CLOSED
  • March 12     SATURDAY WOMEN Only

NOTE:  Special class schedule & discounts for LEO Wives & Veterans… Call for details.

Wear comfortable clothes. Ladies, no low cut tops or sandals.


The classroom has a refrigerator for lunch storage and cold drinks. There’s also a hot water tea kettle for instant coffee/tea bag drinks. Please provide your own bag lunch/drinks for the one day (all day) training.


When you qualify and receive your Firearms Safety Certificate by passing a conceal carry class requirements, there is no deadline for applying at the Sheriff’s office for your carry permit. You can budget to take the class one month and apply for your permit the next month. This class is beneficial for women at home with self defense firearms whether you decide to carry outside or not. You will come away with confidence to make the right decision for yourself and your family’s safety.


Please let us know if you have any special needs by CLICKING HERE and filling out the form.

Your information is safe and will always remain private. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to call 636-791-0368 and we’d be glad to help you in any way we can. Also, please let the Instructor know through this form if you are applying for a Non-Resident Florida permit as well. We want to make sure we have everything you will need ready when you arrive.

Non-Resident Florida Applicants

Let us know if you are applying for a Non-Resident Florida permit through the pre-plan form so we can have the extra paperwork ready when you arrive. We look forward to seeing you in a class soon! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call 636-791-0368. We’re here to help you in any way we can.

in One Section of
Missouri Law:

Have you ever wondered if there were situations that would make a person not eligible to secure a Missouri Endorsement? Are there stipulations in place to protect communities from people not eligible to receive a Missouri Endorsement? What about the minor mishap way back in your past teen history. Could that stop you from receiving a Missouri Endorsement? Well, here’s your chance to find out. If you’re able to answer “yes” to all the questions on the “Eligibility Form” then you are good to go. Click the link to read the Missouri Law stipulations.

Saving You Money. Knowing this information – before class time – will give you valuable information you can readily use concerning firearms and friends or extended family visiting in your home!

Moms & Guns Students Qualifying

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5 thoughts on “CCW for Women

  1. Aprille Trupiano

    The Moms and Guns class I took with Rebecca was a perfect combination of knowledge, shooting practice and fun!
    My first firearm class was soooo boring and full of men which meant we didn’t discuss the critical issues a woman deals with to carry and use a weapon.
    With Rebecca, we addressed the specific issues facing women vs men in handling a firearm, carrying a firearm, mental preparedness AND what to do in the aftermath of actually having to use your weapon. She gave us resources to find the supplies, accessories and people we need to move forward with our CCW. I never got any of that with my other firearm class.
    I walked away completely comfortable that I could: make better judgment calls on using my weapon, aim and fire more accurately, carry more comfortably and most importantly, not make any excuses for why I choose to carry. Rebecca not only helped me improve, she helped me reconcile my feelings about carrying (and using) firearms in a world where there is a lot of resistance to being granted our 2nd Amendment rights. THANK YOU! I’m telling everyone I know about your classes – and I marked more that I want to take!


  2. Cheryl Robertson

    I gave long and prayerful consideration as to which CCW class to attend prior to signing up with Rebecca. I definitely made the RIGHT choice attending this training. Rebecca presented the information in a fun, easy to learn format, she is dedicated to teaching women how to protect themselves and to respect their guns, not fear them. I HIGHLY recommend this class. I look forward to attending more of her training classes to become even more proficient in self-defense. Thank you Rebecca for caring for women and placing special focus on working with us to alleviate our fears and make us stronger and self- assured.

  3. Theresa Schulte

    I want to sign up for the Conceal Carry Class for Women on April 11. I have a gift certificate for the class. Thanks


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