Accurately Defining Evil Prepares the Mindset Morally for Self Defense

What does the Dracula movie tell us about “evil”?

While our society wanders around such topics, movies like Dracula help form thinking patterns while our minds are in a relaxed entertainment mode. In the movie the vampire is portrayed as the answer for a small village of innocent people to conquer adversaries because their adversaries fear the vampire and scoff at their feeble means to defend themselves.

So we are to conclude that in order to conquer evil we must join evil?  When the main character, played by Luke Evans, realizes the overwhelming losses and further dangers of his decision to become a vampire of perceived greater strength, he then goes to the temple to pray to God for his help.  And yes, he gets strategic help from God though the means remain within the evil existence as a monster vampire. Yet, somehow the higher thinking strategy of God gains him victory, though at a great price.  How can that be right? 

No wonder society has trouble defining “evil” and wrapping their minds around ways to develop personal strategies to overcome.  There are ways to overcome evil without becoming evil in the process – and you don’t have to do it alone.

Settle the “Evil” thing once and for all.

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