Accurately Defining Evil Prepares the Mindset Morally for Self Defense

How does your family define “evil”?

Fear is rising as evil strikes a little too close to home on American soil with barbaric be-headings in the work place influenced by ISIS jihadists.  A fundamental luxury we Americans have enjoyed through many generations is freedom of speech and freedom of religion yet Islam sits at our doorstep threatening to kill all Christians as well as anyone who doesn’t convert to their religion.

Gabe Suarez of Suarez International made these striking comments:

I have been expecting things like this since we saw the activity in Mumbai. Far simpler and more effective than crashing an airplane, an armed jihadist easily acts alone or with a small group to act out their faithful jihad. As was seen in Canada, a quite restrictive environment with regards to firearms, gun laws will not prevent their actions.  And at the end of the day, if one cannot get a lever action 30-30, a simple axe will suffice.  Read more . . .

If what happened in Mumbai and Canada were to occur in your neighborhood, school or workplace, how would you and family deal with the threat and the aftermath?

Gabe continues his thoughts concerning possible threats to Americans on American soil:

Accurately Defining Evil Prepares the Mindset Legally for Self DefenseExpect sophistication to grow. Imagine a group of individual lone wolf jihadists brought together using the flash mob model at a given location and time. Imagine the possibilities as these terror acts inspire others to act.  Not all terrorists have been uneducated buffoons. What are the possibilities?

I expect a resurgence of interest in skill-at-arms, and the surge in sales of combat handguns and anti-personnel ammo suitable for anti-jihad duties (fewer J-frames and Kel-Tecs, and more Glocks and service weapons). As the successful repelling of attacks occurs, inevitable as far as the odds – expect gov response to mount in the anti-gun realm.  Read more . . .

Though it’s clear- when you really stop to think about it – we’re at that point again.  True history is in replay, when our own government cannot predict or prevent such atrocities from happening.  We can only prepare, pray and hope for the best; right?

I don’t know about you, but I’m not leaving my ‘right to live’ up to “evil” no matter what form is presented. Yet there is still a question in some minds as to what “evil” or “level of evil” to stand up to and how?

What does the Dracula movie tell us about “evil”?

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