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About Rebecca AldermanHello, I’m Rebecca.

I understand life adjustments and overcoming major loss in your life. My young son died in 1993 and twenty months later my husband was also dead from an accident in December,1994. One minute they were with us and the next they were not. I chose to overcome any crippling grief and lead my children to make healthy adjustments so we could move forward.



“My heart and prayers go out to all families who’ve lost loved ones,
especially from accidents or criminal activity.”

In today’s society, we are all vulnerable.  I choose not to live in fear. No matter whether it’s a random criminal act or a carefully planned attack, I choose to prepare myself and be ready for whatever happens wherever I may be.

First, let me tell what I am not.  I’m not an attorney.  I’m not law enforcement.  I’m not ex-military.  I AM an ex-victim! I’ve been raped twice in my lifetime. The first time was in my late teens and the second was in my mid-thirties. Yeah, I’ve had some issues to overcome for sure.  Recently,  I was threatened by a very sick individual both verbally and physically as well as on internet social networks. I don’t take any threat lightly no matter how casual they may or may not appear.  However, I choose to live in confident resolve to do whatever necessary to defend myself and my home in the event of an attack.

I am remarried to Bill and together we are on this journey of forever becoming more educated and trained in self-defense and home protection. We are serious about protecting our home and family.  Join us on this adventure to learn all we can about personal and home protection.

Training & Awareness Is A Lifestyle

We completed two intense pieces of training in previous years. The first training was under JB Training, LLC, in Kingsland, GA, NRA Instructor Number 71452597 which included eight hours of Point Shooting Fundamentals covering Criminal Violence, Castle Doctrine, Concealed Carry Laws, Role of Firearms in Stopping an Assault, Incapacitation, Human Threat, Combat Accuracy, Range Safety and Live Firing using Point Shooting.  Then we transitioned from Point Shooting to Target / Sight Shooting based on distance and split-second assessment. We completed six hours of Semi-automatic Pistols, Semi-automatic Pistol Shooting, Gun Safety Rules, Range Safety, Live Firing and Legal Issues. SIRT training pistols were used during our ‘force on force’ situational awareness sessions.

Rebecca Alderman

Only ONE shot to stop him from pulling the trigger.

We finished a final session covering Home Invasion Prevention and strategy planning. These sessions included understanding the difference between anti-social and Asocial behavior types and the difference between a burglar and Asocial home invasion scenarios. Further training revealed how criminal types pick a home to attack, how they select their victims, how they obtain information about you and the characteristics involved in performing their acts of violence. We then covered specific strategies to employ making a home safer from home invasions including a security audit, fortifying a safe room and developing a family plan as well as responding to an actual home invasion situation with one or multiple threats. Finally, we discussed in depths – again – how to prepare for and handle the 911 call and the arrival of police at the scene of a crime in your home.

Mr. Jim Berry is an excellent teacher/trainer at JB Training with years of experience in the special ops military and intelligence departments. We were fortunate to be scheduled under his private instruction.  One thing is for sure – training never ends.  It’s a journey no matter from where you begin.  Mr. Berry sent us away with quality range drills for advanced point shooting, counter-violence shooting from 0-25 yard drills, and other practical drills like drawing with movement two-handed grip drill and drawing with a cover garment with movement to a one-handed grip with multiple shots, movement around the clock drill, shooting while seated drill, and shooting a zipper drill.

The culmination test was back in the training center with SIRT guns identical to Glock 19s holstered and concealed watching a scenario video play out different scenarios in which we had to make split-second decisions on whether or not to draw utilizing facts learned concerning the law and our personal responsibility to protect ourselves, our families and the decision whether or not to become involved in protecting a stranger.

An additional quality training I received was becoming an NRA facilitator of the “Refuse to be a Victim” course.  This was a non-shooting class but prepared me to move forward in our mission here at Moms and Guns to present physical classes locally in the St. Louis area to women and families wanting to become more educated and confident in knowing how to thwart an attack as well as handle an attacker confidently. Sign up for our newsletter and we’ll keep you informed as to when we will be providing this course in your area.

Training continues in every aspect of our personal defense lifestyle. Bill and I are now NRA pistol shooting and firearms safety instructors qualifying the 45-yard drills.  We’ve developed a Conceal Carry Class specifically designed for the unique needs of women.


As certified instructor graduates of SFWA University, we will be offering these new classes:

  • Personal Protection At Home
  • Family Firearms Safety
  • What Women Want – Discovering the Handgun that Fits Individual Women and Personal Choices for Concealment
  • Handgun Cleaning & Maintenance
  • Practice, Power & Precision
  • Handgun Offensive Tactics
  • Handgun Laser Training

Don’t wait until you experience a literal threat to your life before learning how to defend yourself. Random crimes against innocent individuals and families happen every day. Every person must decide for him/herself to be a victim or a defender against an attacker. The most important thing is to have a plan and be ready to initiate the plan in a split second decision.

What about an online Course for the WHOLE FAMILY?

Check out our ONLINE Customized FAMILY HOME Protection Course.

Click the Sign-Up button in the top, right corner of the page.  Give your email address to open a FREE ACCOUNT to see what is involved in this exciting course for you and your family.

  • Your Customized Family Protection Plan
  • Step by Step Online FloorPlanner
  • Evaluating Your Home Security – Multiple Layers of Home Security
  • Your Family Code Word – Helping Children Overcome Fear
  • The Safe Room (or Area) – Preparing with Games, Fortifying, Concealment or Cover Game, Flashcard Memory Game
  • Putting Your Plan Together – More Games, Security Check List, Games that Develop Implementation Skills
  • Set Your Appointment with Rebecca – Your Family Plan Worksheet
  • Bonus –  Extra Protection Plans to Consider:  Internet Security, Environment, Family Health, Babysitting, Home Alone Kids, Kidnapping Prevention Video Series

Need A Course that Touches Your Whole Life?

Perhaps personal protection skills are just one aspect of you finally experiencing the joys that life can bring.  Check out Rebecca’s Empowered Freedom Life Online Course that involves 1 on 1 pre-scheduled appointments with Rebecca.

Just fill out the form and Rebecca will be in touch with you soon.  This course takes a determined woman who wants to experience a life transformation.  Rebecca is the one to help you do just that!

Need A Coaching Session with Rebecca?

Click the link and schedule your 1 on 1 with Rebecca.

~ Safety to your family. ~



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  1. paul bass

    R. talked to you last week about sharing your training materials with kristen harris, a young reporter for the Lincoln County Journal. and with your permission, I did so, to possibly educate her relative to an editorial she had written about handguns, and handgun safety procedures. her article began with,”I have never shot a gun”
    rather that write a blistering letter to the editor about her article, I took your class information that I had picked up from the Troy gun show, the week before, and shared it with her, commenting politely on some of her comments in her article. asked her to contact you, maybe take a course or two then follow up with additional editorials about gun handling and safe practices. in today’s LCJ, Kristen expounded on our visit, related your training information, etc. hoping to get her transitioned over to a gun enthusiast.
    paul bass
    314 402 2312

  2. Ruth Dean

    I am looking for beginner class, I am just starting out with self protection. Do you have a class coming up just for women?


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