What We Are

The goal of Moms & Guns is to cover an array of personal protection topics from a holistic approach that is easy to read, grasp, and apply by normal family units including single adults and single parents.

Moms & Guns helps parents decide for themselves how to train their children in personal protection techniques for all types of scenarios.  Moms & Guns Blog supports wholeheartedly the Second Amendment rights for all families to defend themselves.

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Key features:

  • Saving Lives – gives you first account stories of how others have successfully defended themselves and their homes
  • Defensive Tactics – discover and implement simple moves to thwart or break the hold of an attacker. Also, learn gun safety and maintenance plus other defensive tactics when using a firearm for protection
  • Changing Mindsets – understanding the mindset of criminal behavior and why they attack helps prepare you to defend. Also, develop healthy personal protection mindsets so you don’t hesitate to defend if the moment ever arises.
  • Kids – helping you prepare kids with situational awareness skills and other self-defense tactics any child can employ to stay safe.
  • 2nd Amendment – knowing your rights as an individual and law-abiding citizen helps you preserve those rights. We wholeheartedly support our local and state police and our military and veterans.
  • News – when you need to stay abreast of the dangers (Isis, terrorist groups on American soil, civil unrest, etc.) without the propaganda that only promotes fear.
  • Hope – When you just need an uplifting thought, song, or prayer to a world that otherwise seems crazy and out of control.

Stay informed. Be Alert. Stand strong. And confidently defend you and yours.

Moms & Guns Blog will do product reviews for different personal protection items including tactical pens and flashlights plus home security items that provide early warning systems for moms to initiate their own strategic plan in keeping the family safe from home intrusions, burglaries, etc.  More than the review itself as to the quality of the item, Moms & Guns Blog helps moms understand how these gadgets are strategically used to save lives during different life-threatening scenarios.

What We Are Not

Moms & Guns Blog does NOT sell firearms or gun accessories.

Moms & Guns Blog is NOT an FFL dealer that is a required Federal status to legally sell firearms. We will occasionally provide product reviews for the sole purpose of gun safety within family homes to help moms collect enough information needed to make quality decisions for themselves and their lifestyle.

Moms & Guns Blog does NOT sell ammunition or other gun accessories but will, again, do product reviews and tips for moms to be “in the know”.  Ultimately, we refer moms back to their owner’s manual for the reliable choices already proven and tested by the manufacturer.

By directing moms to the correct source for information they need, we are fulfilling Moms & Guns’ mission to keep families safe, especially when they have chosen “firearms” as one option for home defense.


“The single most important thing in personal defense is to deal with the mindset that no one can prevent or rescue you from criminal acts. After consistent training and practice, no one will protect you and your family like you.”