A Peek into Women Guns and Fashion

Women Guns and Fashion

Weapons and style come together as an increasing number of women are exercising their second amendment right to bear arms. Right here at Moms and Guns we recognize that there is a special need for females to discover how to conceal carry their defense handgun. And we’re not the just one. Trish Cutler not simply identified the requirement, however threw down the gauntlet. The competitive shooter from Columbia County, NY intended a gathering amongst friends to discover the concern. But as commonly happens, the grapevine came active and the event blew up. Consequently, the Women’s Concealed Carry Holster Style Program was a sell-out activity.

“The utmost fashion accessory is
the one that keeps you alive.” ~ Trish Cutler

Women Guns and Style

A wide range of holsters is readily available to women, an increasing subset of gun owners, from bras to workout shorts. Feature rather than fashion is the true purpose of event. Read more …

The style show offered not simply as a feature for holsters that women who carry concealed, but as a possibility to educate ladies which bring. Besides the runway event, there were a number of workshops to help ladies choose which holster suit their requirements best.

Cat Richards, the MC for the show shared, “We dress in a different way compared to men. We’re created in a different way than guys. You may require multiple holsters …Read more.

Gender Specific Guns and Style

As thenumber of females who carry increases, there is a growing market for gender particular accessories. Ladies require options. A lot of women know they could hide their handgun in a purse or bag, however; often, this is not the very best choice. Preparedness against personal criminal offense does not indicate daily life quits. On the contrary, ladies which do not fear can have an energetic lifestyle that needs stylish garments and accessories. And while it is not important to match holsters to shoes and precious jewelry, many times fashion determines just what kind of concealment is required. Females additionally intend to look like women. This suggests we do not would like to wear baggy, or over sized garments, multiple layers or matches simply due to the fact that we carry. For those ladies which intend to be prepped to safeguard their family members and guard themselves, and still outfit beautifully, there is an expanding variety of superb choices. Check out this video for some concepts.

We understand this fashion conversation can span many subjects; designs, ages, figure kinds, and seasons. Why not add your two cents here in the remarks area with concepts you have tried and were pleased with the end result. You might additionally like to check out “tion/” target=”_blank”>Which holster for gun home protection”.  Please give your name and email address by CLICKING HERE to receive more great articles, videos and information on women guns and fashion. Thank you for stopping by to read “A Peek into Women Guns and Fashion.”


3 thoughts on “A Peek into Women Guns and Fashion

  1. Rebecca Post author

    I like the idea of wearing tight shorts with a belt under a dress. Even in summer I can use the extra tuck and hold as well as know my gun is safely snug within reach. Your thoughts?

  2. Cindy

    It is often difficult to find a good solution for concealment with shorts and tee shirt. If the shorts are too tight, it is difficult to use an in the waist holster. And you don’t always want to carry a purse. What solutions do you have for this?


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