5 Reasons to Get the Undertech Undercover Concealment Tee

Concealment Tee: Moms and Guns Has a New Favorite!

Winter is coming! One thing about winter is that concealment is much easier. The layers make it easier to wear concealment gear under sweaters, jackets or vests. In any season, however, we are in love with UnderTech’s new undercover concealment compression tee-shirt! The white tee shirt comes only in white and only v-neck. The lack of selection is not a fashion detriment, however. Check out the video and you will see that this is one fine tee shirt. 

5 Reasons to Get the Undertech Undercover Concealment Tee

This video is a visible example for the concealment tee.  We don’t usually show you videos that are a 2 minute 20 second advertisement but to grasp the concept of how this product works for you as a woman, we felt watching this particular video would help especially if holsters weren’t working for you.










5 Reasons to Get the Undertech Undercover Concealment Tee

With pockets on both sides I can store
cell phone or ammunition, too!

The real purpose of the tee is for concealment; but first we want to point out the other features that appeal to us as women. From the video it is apparent that the tee shirt has additional stretch to help with a bit of control. (If it makes us look as good as the model; that would be an added plus!) Sometimes it is difficult to find a cami to wear under a white shirt, and this t-shirt looks like it provides great coverage and adds a bit of shape as well. The stretch looks as if it moves with you; clings to your body, but allows some ‘slip’ of fabric that is worn over it. The extra pockets can hold other essentials such as a cell-phone and/or a small pepper spray bottle.

As for concealment, of course, it is excellent for handguns. The snap provides quick access. When watching the video demonstration of use, it looks as if using it with a non-button top or blouse might make for quicker access. When the models unbutton the mid-section it looks like there might be a ‘fumble.’ And the extra seconds could be costly. If you buy the tee shirt, take the time to practice with any top worn over. Our suggestion is to treat a button shirt as tee shirt, and simply lift and reach under. This would work if the shirt is not tucked in or is not too fitted.

One of the things we love about it is how close to the body it keeps the gun. As a mom when out and about, you always know it is secure and accessible. This keeps your bag or purse free from danger. How many times would we love to say to one of the kids, “please look in my purse for…” Now, your bag can carry your lipstick, chewing gum, pacifier, and baby wipes. And yet, you know neither you or your children are in danger because you have quick and ready access to protection.

If carrying concealed seems limited to many loose layers, you may find this new compression tee shirt from UnderTech will provide a bit of versatility. You might be able to re-discover some of your favorite blouses, tops and/or tee shirts.

UnderTech also offers compression shorts, tank tops and a belly band that allow concealment under closer fitting summer clothing. Even with cooler weather, though, this compression wear is a way to add a warm layer and still look classically tailored in work or professional clothing. Check out their bags and jackets, too! This concealment clothing may seem a bit pricy, and yet, what price do we place on the safety of our families and ourselves?

UnderTech Undercover Ultimate Compression Concealment Shirt and Free Belly Band Special Offer

If you get the free belly band special offer they talk about in the video, the concealment tee costs $69. However, the Glock online store has another offer for $49.99 or a 3-pack for $99.  Plus there’s a 30 day money back guarantee.

Moms and Guns gets nothing from your purchase of the Undertech Undercover Concealment Tee except the satisfaction of you knowing about a great handgun concealment alternative to holsters and purses. Let’s review.

Here are 5 reasons to get the Undertech Undercover Concealment Tee:

  • conceals handgun
  • provides compression with stretch
  • includes extra pockets for cell phone or ammo
  • designed with quick snap access
  • keeps gun away from children’s reach

We are working for you to stay on top of the latest concealment gear provided for moms.  Stay tuned by giving your name and email address in the form below.

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