4 Years of Freedom To Turn Back The Titanic

The elections are over. The Inauguration was beautiful.  The new Administration begins another busy week’s schedule.  Freedom, prescribed by the Constitution of the United States, found its way back into the White House. Yet discord is expressed by the very people who don’t respect the very document that gives them the right to demonstrate.  What a titanic paradox!

Voices of true Liberty respecting Americans were heard through the vote, despite any illegal actions behind the polls.  So what are the dangers that we still will face now? What will the road ahead look like?

4 Years of Freedom To Turn Back The Titanic

It was a closer race between two very different political views.  The voting numbers showed a pretty close split right down the middle of our nation. The ideals and belief systems of the divide couldn’t be more about face. Yet we have 4 years to right the wrongs and get the United States back into a position of inner strength, honor and humble leadership before other nations who silently cheered for her successful come back.

As Other Nations Watched

Yes, there are other countries that knew if the United States went down, they, too, would follow shortly afterward. So they cheered quietly on the sidelines, sitting on the edge of their seats, paying close attention to how this election outcome would predict their own futures. Soberly, we all must perceive accurately that the U.S. is not out of the woods yet.

The Titanic Must Be Turned

As sure a challenge as it was to turning the titanic ship away from danger, we as American citizens, along with our allies, must ban together in the next 4+ years. We can’t afford to let up for one moment. Forging ahead with fervor and passion  is what will bring success to see the scope of the Constitution back in its properly defined state to preserve freedom for all – even those who hate her so.

The Titanic, as a whole, didn’t turn easily or swiftly to save all souls aboard.  Amidst tragedy the souls saved learned lessons and shared victory stories heard in the midst of crisis.  How will the inner dangers manifest for our country, our states and our backyard communities? And how can we continue to ban together in strength, fortitude and focus?  Which side of the Titanic will you ride out this very real storm for the next 4+ years? See the dangers listed on the next page…

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