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Rebecca Alderman, Moms & Guns, Media Citations
"The single most important thing in personal defense is to deal with the mindset that no one can prevent or rescue you from criminal acts. After consistent training and practice no one will protect you and your family like you."

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Rebecca was on “Business Her Way – with Aprille Trupiano” on 1380 The Woman. Listen in to the recording when she shares her story as well as important tips and resources for you.

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Educate Kids Against Abduction

A new kind of slavery must be exposed and prevented.

Society Awakens.

Kids Tips.

1st American Rescued.

You and your children can do it together.

3 Challenges for Preparing Kids
for Home Emergencies

  1. What age is appropriate for introducing a family home defense plan?
  2. How do you organize what needs to be taught?
  3. How can you train children without scaring them?

It is our passion to help parents overcome these paralyzing concepts.  In fact, we can help your family bond together and actually have fun while learning life-saving skills in the comfort of your own home. Don’t let another day pass by. Start empowering your children with confidence to overcome any situation.

Defending the Right To Defend Yourself

Grab this easy step by step guide to training your kids in home and personal defense.

Conceal Carry Class for Women

8 Reasons to Take Our Class

  1. Not all CCW classes are created equal.  Our classes focus mainly on the unique needs of women.
  2. Our examples & discussions relate to the everyday issues of women at home, work and in the car.
  3. Women have specific body shapes and concealment needs not usually addressed in a co-ed classroom setting. We bring out the wardrobe and spur on the ideas.
  4. We can show the one element that will help you determine whether a handgun fits your hand naturally for more accurate shooting.
  5. 10% of each student’s tuition goes toward saving children from human trafficking.
  6. Ask about our LEO Wives & Ladies’ Veteran discount!
  7. Our curriculum is designed for diverse learning modes that engage our ladies in the student handbook exercises, interactive discussions, videos, power point presentation and more.
  8. Our facility has the type atmosphere where a lady enjoys learning. Or, if you’re outside Warren County and gather together a group of 10-15 ladies, we’ll bring the class to your facility. Contact us and we’ll send an email with all the vital details.


Help us get the word out to all our LEO WIVES!

LEO WIVES dicounts at MomsAndGuns.com
Call to receive your special discount as our way of saying “Thank you” for your devoted service to our communities throughout Missouri.

This special discount applies to every LEO WIFE in every city and county in the state of Missouri and for every class offered at MomsAndGuns.com.  Call for more details.



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Defense Classes for the whole Family!

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Home Alone & Babysitter Protection Course
Handgun Laser Training, Tips and Techniques

Ask about our LEO WIVES discount!

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